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Dr. Greg Bredemeier

Hello! I am an author and doctor. Currently, I’m a board-certified emergency physician practicing in Jackson, Mississippi with over thirty years of clinical experience.

Mission Statement

I wrote, The Collapse of Darwinism: How Medical Science Proves Evolution by Natural Selection is a Failed Theory, and created to serve as resources for all those who cannot logically subscribe to the theory that Darwinism—evolution by the natural selection of random mutations—can be the mechanism by which human beings were created. Individuals who are not well versed in science are naturally intimidated by the vocal and often adversarial proponents of Darwinism, many of whom are scientists, professors or Nobel Laureates. Despite Darwinists’ argument from authority, my book and website provide glaring medical evidence that evolution by the natural selection of random mutations cannot account for the information and complex molecular machinery that is the human mind and body. Darwinism is a failed, 1800’s theory and the proof of that failure lies in each of us. Darwin’s theory survives today only because it functions as a pseudoscience. It is this pseudoscience characteristic that allows materialists (naturalists and atheists) to avoid the existence of a supernatural reality—God, absolute morals and ethics, right and wrong, good and evil. explores the egregious misuse of faulty logic, pseudoscience and pseudo-philosophy all of which are used to: 1) resuscitate Darwin’s dying theory, and 2) attack Christianity via our legal system using the judge made doctrine—the separation of church and state.

“If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight, modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.”

~Charles Darwin

Darwinism—evolution by the natural selection of random mutations—is a failed 1800’s theory, created with no knowledge of modern science. Neo-Darwinists, who allegedly understand modern science, are intrepidly attempting to resuscitate this moribund theory. Darwin started off on the wrong foot. He assumes organs evolve singularly. He uses the eye as an example of how optics can change slowly. But the eye is not a vision. Vision is the optics of an eye coupled with systems of muscles, nerves, arteries and extremely complex neuropathways and neurochemistry. Darwin and Neo-Darwinists ignore the fact that the human body is an astronomically complex collection of organs, systems, and networks all communicating and interdependent. This website, my books and articles available here will demonstrate beyond any doubt the failure of Darwinism. I challenge any Neo-Darwinist to dispute the medical facts I present here.

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