Darwinism cannot be used to explain the origin of life nor deny the existence of God

Fact Checking Darwin Podcast

Darwinism—evolution by the natural selection of random mutations—is a failed 1800’s theory, created with no knowledge of modern science. Neo-Darwinists, who allegedly understand modern science, are intrepidly attempting to resuscitate this moribund theory. Darwin started off on the wrong foot. He assumes organs evolve singularly. He uses the eye as an example of how optics can change slowly. But the eye is not a vision. Vision is the optics of an eye coupled with systems of muscles, nerves, arteries and extremely complex neuropathways and neurochemistry. Darwin and Neo-Darwinists ignore the fact that the human body is an astronomically complex collection of organs, systems, and networks all communicating and interdependent.

Non-Sensical Nation Podcast

Our country is going off the rails, following secular humanists into the abyss of socialsim and away from God. Join me as I talk about our new, Non-Sensical Nation.